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Tamegroute — Small works of art in unique green and brown.

Tamegroute — Kleine Kunstwerke in einmaligem Grün und Braun.

The small town of Tamegroute is located in the southern part of Morocco, just before the Sahara and means "last place before the desert" in the Berber language. The city was founded in the 6th century and is one of the oldest cities in Morocco.

There are many pottery families living there who have been passing on their knowledge and craftsmanship for generations. Each family member has their own task and specialization. The ceramics in characteristic green and brownish hues, the craftsmanship and skill are authentic and unique to this region and cannot be found anywhere else.

The production process consists of several steps, each of which is carried out carefully. The process begins on the Draa River. There the potters dig up clay and bring it to the lathes.

In front of each of the studios there is a pit in which clay is mixed with water. The clay is then spread out on the ground so that the moisture can evaporate. Once the clay is perfect, the clay is twisted and spent hours shaping into unique bowls, vases, serving platters and candlesticks.

Since Tamegroute products are only fired once, the glaze is applied before they go into the kiln. The glaze consists of 80% manganese, 19% silicon and 1% copper. The 1% copper together with the clay from the Draa riverbed is exactly what creates the characteristic green color. In some cases the copper is replaced with iron oxide to achieve a brown/olive colored result.

The color can range from “bottle green” to olive-colored shades.

Once the process is complete, the ceramics are baked at a high temperature in an oven in Tamegroute. The process is unique and each piece has its own marks, patterns and characteristics. The entire process is based on pure craftsmanship. Not a single measuring device or thermometer is ever used.

Due to their nature and contents, Tamagroute products are not suitable for food and are not waterproof.

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