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Mohair blankets - care tips.

Mohairdecken —  Pflegetipps.

Manufacturers and producers provide the most important care instructions on the sewn-in labels, as each product and especially textiles require individual care instructions due to different materials, compositions and processing methods.

Natural fibers, which include wool, become felted at 25 degrees, for example. If wool is washed warmer, damage will be caused to the fiber that cannot be repaired. Most of you have probably already had such experiences when you washed your favorite wool sweater too hot and turned it into doll size.

Wool products should also, if possible, not be exposed to strong friction and mechanical stress.

If you want to wash wool products, e.g. mohair blankets, please follow the sewn-in instructions, e.g. not to use a cooking program, not to put them in the dryer, etc.

Either you put the blankets in the wool program or wash them by hand. When washing, wool should only be gently moved back and forth and should not be wrung out. A mild baby shampoo, for example, can be used as a detergent. When rinsing, make sure that the water temperature is not too cold or too hot, otherwise the blanket can become matted.

When drying, make sure that wool is not placed directly in the sun or on heaters. It is best to let it dry with a lot of patience. To do this, place the blanket on a large bath towel on the drying rack and turn it several times until it is dry.

Wool is a natural product and should be washed as little as possible as it contains residues of protective wool fat, which is removed during washing. The more washed out, the more dirt-prone wool products become.

We therefore recommend that you simply hang wool products in the damp, cool air or in the damp, steamy shower cubicle every now and then.

And if mohair blankets look a bit fuzzy or shaggy, for example, simply comb them with a special wool comb or a clean shoe brush.

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