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Libeco — Belgian linen with a long tradition.

Libeco — belgisches Leinen mit langer Tradition.

Libeco combines new technologies with professional skills and a long tradition to produce fabrics and finished products with high added value, sophistication and unique design.

The Belgian linen manufacturer Libeco is looking at one over 160 years a long tradition - now in the fifth generation.


Libeco is one of them leading linen producers in Europe and has also been since 2006 "Belgian Royal Warrant Holder" and therefore official supplier of the Belgian royal family.

The “Belgian Linen” quality seal, which Libeco also has, ensures that all linen fabrics with this label consist of at least 85 percent European flax fibers and were woven in Belgium. In addition, all Libeco fabrics have the “Masters of Linen” label, which means that Libeco products are manufactured in Europe and according to the required quality standards. The manufacturer has been certified as a CO2-neutral company since 2014.

Libeco Home consistently focuses on sustainability and continually invests in new technologies and manufacturing processes in order to further reduce raw material and energy consumption. The natural product flax, for example, requires almost no irrigation during growth. Pure linen fabric is also 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. 

We hope you enjoy discovering Libeco.


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