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Our Stories.

Who we are.

We run an innovative online concept store with furniture pieces and accessories as well as unique, high-quality and sustainably produced products.

It all started with our great passion for design, furniture and lifestyle trends. Then as now, we can often be found at flea markets, looking for new things with which we can enrich our home or our online shop.

SBeautiful, unique objects, fashion, design and art have always been an important theme in our lives. And so we are always fascinated by how a new look can be created with simple means and small changes.

At 02.07 Lifestyle we work, among others, with small, innovative, trend-setting manufactories that focus on craftsmanship, innovation, quality and sustainability.

We personally select our carefully put together collections. We only select pieces for our lifestyle family that we both love and would like to pass on to our customers.

Supporting other small, independent businesses is at the heart of 02.07 Lifestyle. That is why we place great value on the individual relationship with our partners.

We hope you enjoy browsing and discovering our selections of products.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting us. It means a lot to us.

Andrea & Oliver

Where do we source the products.

In our search for special products, we meet interesting, loving people who realise their dream with a lot of heart and enthusiasm and design and produce products with a very special signature.

It is sometimes indescribable how much know-how, heart and soul we get to know. 

In small, mostly owner-managed manufactories, wonderful pieces are created whose stories enchant and inspire us every time. This is how partnerships and relationships have come about that we have learned to more than just appreciate, that drive us with joy and enthusiasm and whose products and visions we would like to pass on to our customers with great passion.

Our ideas and inspirations.

We collect our ideas on our travels, research in magazines, social media networks, develop our own ideas with our partners. This is how we are able to curate a harmonious range of small furniture and accessories.


We won't run out of ideas in the near future.

SWould you like to be kept informed, do you have questions about the products or new ideas? Then please contact us at

Our suppliers.

• Birk.Studio

Cäcilia Holtgreve

Cix Ceramics

• Contra Punkt


• Die Leinenmacher

• Druckerey Martin M. Schröder

Eagle Products

• Linen Tales

• Mantas Ezcaray

• Silent Studio

• Urban Culture Nature