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Mantas Ezcaray - third generation craftsmanship.

Mantas Ezcaray — Handwerk in dritter Generation.

Mantas Ezcaray, founded as early as 1930 by Cecilio Valgañón as a company specialising in the production of shawls, blankets and scarves on looms. Even then, the best natural fibres that nature provides us with were used and processed by skilled and experienced hands and transformed into wonderfully unique products.

Mantas Mohairdecken

By the early 1950s, mohair was incorporated into the creations, which has shaped the company to this day. From 1970 onwards, the company grew and expanded, after the founder's children joined their father's business.

Today, almost a century later, Cecilio's grandsons run the company to continue the dream and work of their parents and the dream of their grandfather.

Mantas Ezcaray is committed to traditional methods, quality and environmental protection. That is why their products have been certified both nationally and internationally. 

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