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cix ceramics - traditional craftsmanship, interpreted in a modern way.

cix ceramics - traditionelles Handwerk, modern interpretiert.
Behind Cix Ceramix is a small Swabian company based in Stuttgart that focuses on the production of everyday objects such as butter dishes, crockery, vases, jugs and much more.
The work is done with a narrow sheet that is applied with a sponge. This creates surfaces reminiscent of "spongeware" or "spatterware", an old peasant pottery from England originating in the 16th century. 
Keramik übersicht Krüge Vasen Holzbank
This technique has a lightness of touch and brings out different colour and texture possibilities. The colours are mixed from ceramic pigments and clay slip, which allows for a wide colour spectrum that never appears garish or synthetic. 
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